Our tailored solutions

There is growing interest in biodegradable polymers due to environmental problems associated with the disposal of non‐biodegradable polymers into the environment.

However, the properties of the pure PBAT and PBS resins often need modified to achieve certain functionalities for proper processing (e.g. slipping properties) or to meet certain application requirements (e.g. heat stability).

By addition of different compositions of monomers, selective addition of natural fillers or additives PycnoPlast can develop more accessible PBAT and PBS ‐based bioplastics with performance that could match or even exceed that of the most widely used commodity plastics.

PycnoPlast uses a unique and well-equipped Research & Development facility in close cooperation with The Materials Factory.

Here we are able to produce small samples (application simulation) in the lab, which can be scaled up without any problem for production or customer-testing purposes, such as:

Lab equipment

A lot of equipment, needed to conduct any testing, is also available which enables us to test the properties of the product in development immediately.


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