“Advanced fiber reinforced products and still 100% bio-degradable? Yes we can!”

Composites refer to materials that combine properties of multiple materials in one. In most cases these are fibers or yarns (e.g. glass, carbon) in a thermoplastic or thermoset matrix. These materials provide very high performance/weight ratio during use, but due to the material mixture there is a big challenge after use.

To meet sustainability objectives, there are many recent developments of composites with a biobased reinforcement like flax or hemp. On one hand this is good improvement of the carbon footprint, but still recycling remains difficult, even when re-meltable thermoplastic matrices are used.

Biodegradable polymer matrices provide a good solution to improve this end-of-life issue. The end product becomes compostable as a whole and still durable properties are obtained as usually there is no composting environment during use. PBAT and PBS are very flexible polymers and very compatible with natural fibers, and unique properties are obtained in their mixtures, both with short natural fibers or continuous reinforcement structures.

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