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“Get to know the people behind Pycnoplast”

Harry Verbakel – General Management


“After a long period working in several engineering, sales and management roles in the plastics and textile industry, I decided to start Pycnoplast to put our many ideas and solutions using the tremendous versatility of polymeric materials into a practical business. We stand for a broad material and processing knowledge that we combine with quick validations into practice. It is very inspiring to see that this approach is a good recipe to offer material solutions really helping manufacturers to sell more sustainable products.”


Lawrence Batenburg – R&D Manager


“I live plastics! During my whole working life I have been active in polymers, first as researcher at ATO-DLO and TNO and from 2010 I decided I could have more impact in an independent role as consultant and developer. In 2018 I realized my dream to have my own little “development factory”, where I can work on new ideas and help manufacturers to develop better plastic materials. As co-owner of Pycnoplast I very much focus on everything that can make plastics more sustainable. In general polymers are fantastic materials, and there is always so much going on in the plastic industry. It is so great to be at the front end of new developments and find out myself how these can be used in practice!”.


Edze Visscher – Business Development


“Talking to customers, understanding their challenges, searching for material solutions and creating business by making things better. That is my passion. My base line is my back ground in Materials Science and 30 years of experience in the textile and plastic industry. At Pycnoplast we have a passion for material innovations in a very hands-on environment where we can shift very quickly. We have so many ideas that can help to make materials more sustainable on one hand and develop business on the other hand. A clear invitation to contact us!”