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Tailor made compounds or masterbatches

“Challenge us with your requirements!”

Often a first trial with a basic polymer resins leads to disappointment. But do not stop there! This is exactly where Pycnoplast offers added value for you. It is in our nature to make it work by turning a resin into a smart compound recipe or develop a masterbatch type of add-on.

At Pycnoplast we have a broad experience in several specific solutions. We can modify resins to achieve certain functionalities for proper processing (for example flow stimulation) or to meet your  application requirements (for example heat stability or stiffness).

By application of different monomers or additives, selective addition of natural fillers PycnoPlast can develop more accessible biopolymers with performance that could match or even exceed that of the most widely used commodity plastics.

So, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Tailor made compounds or masterbatches

Tuning the grade of biodegradability

“Speed up or slow down the bio-degradation: we can do it!”.

The speed of degradation of biodegradable polymers depends on many factors like product thickness, surface area and degrading circumstances. Specific resins and additives can either increase this speed or decrease. Pycnoplast has the knowledge and experience in using such additives and can offer you a tailor made solution for your specific requirements.

Tuning the grade of biodegradability

Tuning biopolymer functionalities

“Trust Pycnoplast for tuning a polymer resin to match your requirements”

Pycnoplast has a broad experience in engineering polymers to specific functionalities from UV protection, anti-slip, crystallization, heat stabilization, process flow enhancement to improvement of the mechanical properties.

Some of our recent activities are:

  • Inclusions of natural fillers and fibers to tune biodegradation and product stiffness
  • Increasing injection moulding speed of PBS to increase production efficiency
  • Stimulation of polymer crystallization in PBAT/ PLA to improve mechanical product properties
  • Replacement of environmentally unfriendly color additives by purely natural ingredients
Tuning biopolymer functionalities

Pycnoplast develops color masterbatches based on natural ingredients

Polymer additives in one pack

“From nasty additive powders to granules: with our technological development, we made it much easier for you”

In the early days of Pycnoplast, we have developed a unique technology to produce highly concentrated additive granules which turn powders into granules and make dosing of multiple additives in your processing lines very easy and cost effective.

With this novel technology we are able to combine several additive powders (stabilizers and FR-additives) in one while keeping the additives 100% effective. From powders to soft touch granules, to make dosing dust free and accurate. Due to the high concentrations of additives, one packs are more cost effective in comparison to dosing masterbatches.

For supply and development of this tailor made one packs, we co-operate with Qolortech in Vaassen, The Netherlands.

Interested? Please contact us for further discussion!

Polypropylene granule

One packs are a cost effective and easy method of dosing FR and Stabilization Additives